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まだ消えない 想いを胸に

....確実に踏み出せば いつか FLY AGAIN


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Hello to all!! My name is Maria and i'm from Greece. I prefer to be called Ria-chan though and that's my frequent name to all those who know me :) I'm 23 yo and a student at University of Volos at Archaeology and History department . I love dancing , listening to music , cooking and hanging out with friends.I dislike people who aren't honest and bash me, my friends and my fandom. I wanna learn many languages in the future like Japanese, Korean, Spanish ,Russian and Arabic XD I have to inform u that my LJ is locked , only because i hate random adds.So i would really appreciate it, if u comment in my introduction post before u add me.For more info friend me!! I'm open and i'll welcome u all :)

Welcome to MY Wonderland!!! Which means NEWSland :P NEWS got into my life at January 1st 2009 . Since then they are my life and my soul. I love and i admire them so much!!! My first PV was "Summer Time" <3 My first ichiban was the sexy ,cool and cute leader our TOMO.XDD But as u can see now my ichiban are KoyaRyo :) My love , my heart and my soul belong to KoyaRyo forever and ever.Because of my tons of love for them i started writing fics . NOT shounen ai or yaoi though. Everyone in my f-list are welcome to read them :) NEWS SAIKOU!

Maybe NEWS are my life but i don't only listen to them XDD I'm a JE lover in generall. KAT-TUN ,Kame and Jin are my nibans in JE. I like KAT-TUN very much and i'll keep supporting them and Jin even if i'm heart-broken from what happened.I'm trying to keep up with Kanjani8 , Arashi and Hey!Say!JUMP too. Also, i like more JPOP artists like Mika Nakashima, Ayumi Hamasaki, Kuroki Meisa , Namie Amuro, Kitano Kii etc... FRom JROCK i only like An Caffe and i concider blond Miku the CUTEST living creature.<3 Of cource i couldn't have left Kpop ! Big Bang and 2ne1 are my two fave groups but i also like and listen to SHINee , Kara, Super Junior, Girls Generation etc... So, this was all for me :) Welcome to my NEWSland!!!!

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